Detail : Nereids bracelet my own design modelled with Bryce 4.

I made this picture for a 3D contest, organized by Computer Arts' french edition. Themes were aquatic creatures, undersea landscapes or engulfed cities. It was chosen to be among the top ten of finalists. My first publication : )
I tried to illustrate a legend of the greek mythology. The ancient poet Hesiod states that the Nereids were the Nymphs of the Sea, daughters of a Sea God, Nereus and an Oceanid, Doris : "... there were the daughters born to blameless Nereus, fifty of them, all wise in deeds of perfection..." Some of them are famous like Amphitrite, Thetis or Eudora...
The myth states for instance that when the sea god Poseidon wanted the nereid Amphitrite as his bride, she declined the honor and hid from him in the Atlantic Ocean. A dolphin, not only located her, but also brought her back to him, and he married her. Their son is the fish-man Triton. The dolphin was awarded a place in heaven : the dolphin constellation.

Many thanks to Dan Cortopassi and Mitch Janssen for their great sites and terrific downloads for undersea scenes.

© 2001 - Christine Clavel