Selene, Queen of Serenity, is the ancient greek Goddess of the Moon, teacher to the magicians and sorcerers or sorceresses. She represented the full moon.
Selene fell in love with a mortal, the shepard Endymion and was so deeply in love that she asked Zeus to allow Endymion to decide his own fate. Zeus granted Selene's request, and Endymion chose never to grow old and to sleep eternally. Selene continued to visit him nightly and to kiss him with her rays of light.
The Goddess of the Moon is also known as Luna or Phoebe...

I've always had a great "passion" for our beautiful moon...This is a kind of tribute : )
As to the title, it is inspired by one of my favourite Sci-Fi novel, in which the hero bears the same name as Selene's lover : "The Rise of Endymion" (Hyperion serie) by Dan Simmons.
Modeled and rendered in Bryce with Victoria2. Colors, hair, wings and FX touched up with Photoshop.
Bryce procedural texture on the lacedress.

© 2002 - Christine Clavel