Commissioned work for a Romantica book cover.
Characters and clothes modelled (morphed) and rendered with Poser. (
Textures with Photoshop).
Background Bryce/Painter.

Postwork, texts and lay-out with Photoshop
and Painter.

This illustration reached the Top Ten of the 2008 Cover Cafe Annual Cover Contest, in the "Alternate Reality" category.

Thank you very much to the voters!

Some comments :

"A Spell For Susannah" by Jody Wallace is our seventh place winner, only one vote behind The Night Bird. Striking colors and the heroine's beautiful dress captured voters.

Cali said : “Not only does it have the 'Alternate Reality' look to it, but it's extremely elaborate and GORGEOUS! =)”

Kimberly : “I loved this cover the very first time I saw it. The colors are deep and magical, and I adore the dress the heroine is wearing. It's stunning.”

Carolan : “It's detailed without being cluttered or "fussy". Conveys the theme and magic of the book perfectly.”

Arlene : “The rich colors and the sidelong glance, hinting at something just out of sight; both catch the eye and intrigue the mind.”

Monica : "The jewel tone colors are striking and the imagery offers a strong fairy-tale and fantasy element."

Edie admired the dress : "It's gorgeous! I'd love a gown like that. What women wouldn't?"


Thank you again Ladies! : )


© 2008 Samhain Publishing
Christine Clavel