Science-Fiction publisher, Riviere Blanche publishes manuscripts in the nostalgic optic of the 70's. Their models of cover were voluntarily designed as tributes to the old collections “white” and “blue” (Anticipation) and “black” (Anguish) of "Le Fleuve Noir" (very famous in France), consequently indicating the leading choices of the persons in charge: Philippe Ward and Jean-Marc Lofficier.

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* 140,000 members in 134 countries (at this time!)
* 50 forums
Renderosity has a vibrant online community, the largest for 2D/3D graphic artists. There's here an incredible amount of kind and talented people, and some of the best artists in the world... There you will find all which you need, and even more...

Another powerful 2D/3D artists community with beautiful artists (and really nice people : ) that includes forums, galleries, free stuff and an online store...


Great gallery with good Artworks from good Artists around the World.
The Awards are assigned by votes from the Staff.
The Staff Members may vote individually for the images they like, but in order to assign an Award the majority must vote it. 

Another one of the most beautiful digital gallery in the world...


Tutorials site for Poser...Highly recommended!


The KotaArt Site is notably dedicated to the promotion of 2-D and 3-D digital art with the express purpose of elevating the stature of digital art forms to that enjoyed by traditional art forms such photography, sculpture, and painting...KotaPress was founded in 1999 by a couple, as a tribute to their child Dakota...The founders think too that digital art and poetry can help people to heal after the loss of a loved one...


Great french site created by Jacques Garin about one of my favourite writer : ) The wonderfully talented and inventive Jack Vance.
In English, you can visit the Jack Vance Information Page, another very gripping and erudite site for Vance's lovers...


Great French site for Mars Lovers...also by Jacques Garin


Is there anybody out there? SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers (4 966102 at this time with a total CPU time of 1896155.756 years...) in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). One of their best contributor was Pixar and their huge render farm. You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data (from the largest in the world, the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico).

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