After my studies (journalism and communication), I used to be a journalist (for radio, cultural newspapers and t.v) during 10 years. I liked that a lot, but I had also, since my early age, a great passion for Art, Illustration (especially Computer Graphics Imagery) and Science-Fiction too, in all of its aspects but particularly novels, comics and illustration.

I loved too computers in general (and among them, the wonderful Macintosh : ), but I only used them for games or writing... Nevertheless, the Electron faery already touched me with her magic wand and I was pretty hooked : )

I met one of my "best friend", the software Bryce, (my other best friend is Photoshop : ) a long time ago... in computer industry time...It was in an Eric Wenger 's interview in SVM Mac (a french Macintosh magazine). The magazine published some pictures he made with a totally personal tool called D3 and I fall in love with them.

I had a new "graphic idol"...2 or 3 years later, this "personal program" renamed, was -unbelievable!- on my Mac and I discovered the beautifulness of fractal worlds..."Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" said Arthur C. Clarke...This time, I was totally hooked! But I had to learn everything about computer graphics...

To produce better 3D images, I have learned Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, Poser, Amapi, Amorphium and some others...I read a lot of digital art books, magazines, manuals, learned about different techniques from artists on the web, their tips...and all of that...with always a great passion!

Today, I work from home in the production of various computer graphics (2D-3D illustration or photomontage for book covers, advertising, webdesign or desktop publishing...).

Christine Clavel
My birthplace is France where I was raised (in Provence, near Marseille). I currently reside in Lyon, with my husband Pierre-Olivier (a multi-media computer graphics professional) and our son, Axel.